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Yellow lines

This page gives general pointers regarding parking restrictions in Luton.

Where to park in Luton
There are approximately 5000 off street parking spaces in Luton, the bulk of these being in the town centre, notably at the bus and rail stations, the Arndale centre and Regent Street. All town centre car parks are clearly signed when reaching the town centre. The car park most suited for persons visiting the University is situated in Vicarage Street. The majority of the car parks have both short and long term parking facilities.

There are also 276 pay and display bays in the town centre which operate Monday to Saturday 8am-6pm. There is a maximum time limit of two hours.

Advice regarding parking permits, dispensations, payments for penalty charge notices and appeals against penalty charge notices that have been issued may be made by either visiting the Parking Shop on Gordon Street or calling 01582 547272.

For advice concerning enforcement matters, suspensions of parking bays and car parks generally, contact the parking enforcement unit on 01582 548520.

General pointers regarding parking restrictions.

  1. Double yellow lines indicate no waiting at any time. Time plates are not necessary.
  2. Single yellow lines indicate waiting restrictions at some time during the day.  Refer to the yellow time plates for times except in controlled parking zones. (See 4 below)
  3. Loading restrictions are indicated by yellow kerb markings. Double kerb markings indicate no loading at any time. Single yellow kerb markings indicate no loading at a particular time, again refer to the yellow time plates.
  4. In controlled parking zones the entry signs give details of the times and days restrictions operate. Inside the zone, yellow lines indicate where waiting is prohibited or restricted. No yellow time plates are provided unless the waiting restriction imposed on that particular length of road is different from that indicated on the zone entry sign.

The Highway Code gives examples of such lines and signs.

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