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Road signs

Highway maintenance will repair any damage to existing road signs on the highway.

The Highway Code gives examples of the most common signs in normal use. All signs on the highway must be prescribed by the Department for Transport (DoT) and authorised by the authority. Special signs are allowed:

  • with prior approval of the DoT
  • if they're experimental and under trial.

Sponsorship and advertising on the highway

For more information on our roundabout sponsorship scheme or lamppost advertising banners, please contact [email protected], or visit:

Signs on private roads

It is the responsibility of the landowner but it is best if the signage conforms to that seen on the carriageway/footway and is readily understood by road users.

'No ball games' signs

These signs are only provided where the police have been involved in disputes and where they have indicated that signing would be helpful towards enforcement.

Tourism signing

Tourism signing provides an important opportunity for both tourism businesses and local economies and will be implemented positively and constructively.

There is of course an advertising element as it helps to generate more impromptu visits. However the primary purpose is to safely guide anyone wishing to visit a tourist destination along the most appropriate route for the latter stages of their journey.

Tourism signs can also be used indicate facilities that a tourist would not reasonably expect to find in that location.

To report broken signage

Telephone: 01582 510333
Days: Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm and Wednesday, 10am to 6pm

Request additional signage

To request additional signage, please contact our Road Safety team. [email protected]

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