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A car club is a short-term car rental service that allows individuals to access cars parked locally by the hour. This means that residents, local businesses and visitors of Luton can now book one of four electric cars for a little as £7 per hour.

The Luton fleet consists of four brand new, Nissan LEAF fully-electric vehicles. Two can be found on Midland Road outside Luton train station and a further two cars are located on Inkerman Street, in spaces provided by Luton Council.

This initiative forms part of our work to support improving air quality, parking issues and congestion in the town centre.


Why use an electric car club?

There are several benefits to using a car club, including:

  • convenience – designated parking spaces, no petrol refilling, no servicing, no MOT or insurance hassle
  • affordability – cars can be booked for as little as £7 per hour or £65 per day which means you only pay for what you use
  • environment friendly – our Air Quality Strategy aims to reduce increasing number of harmful emissions in Luton and this scheme will contribute towards the improvement in air quality

How to sign up

Register via the e-car club website. For more information on the registration process you can call the e-Car team on 0203 603 2259. The promo code for new car club members - SUNNYLUTON (gives £50 off membership and £10 driving credit).

How to use the scheme

The vehicles include an RFID card access system, meaning the cars can be booked online (or via the e-Car Club mobile app) and used by several different people throughout the day.

e-Car Club’s latest Nissan LEAF hatchbacks have an average range of 175 to 200 miles per charge, which covers the vast majority of day to day journeys.

However, should e-Car Club members wish to travel further afield, information on charging locations and operators can be found on

Sign up for e-car club

Car sharing is when two or more people share a car and travel together. Car sharing is a simple way to cut:

  • the costs of fuel
  • cut congestion and pollution
  • cut the stress of driving

Sign up for free with liftshare Where you can find drivers or passengers to share a journey with.

Car sharing to school

Car sharing to school can help cut the number of journeys made each day and can help ease congestion around the school.

Not sure of where to park in Luton? Here are some links that will help you find a parking space:

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Luton's superb transport links are proving more valuable than ever to people travelling into, around, and out of the town with no fewer than three railway stations serving different areas.

The capital is just 24 minutes away. Looking further afield, there are fast national rail connections to Leeds, Sheffield and beyond to the north, and a direct service to Gatwick and Brighton to the south.

The following are useful links to rail services.

Plusbus is an easy-to-use add-on to your rail ticket. With it, you can travel - as often as you like - on most buses inside your local Plusbus area.

National Cycle Route 606 links Luton train station with Dunstable, following along the side of the Luton and Dunstable Busway.

Station Facilities

Luton Airport Parkway station has lifts for access to the platforms. Cycle parking is available at all stations.

Look up helpful information on specific National Rail station before you travel, use the station name or it three character code. Find out more about:

  • getting to and from the station
  • facilities
  • accessibility and mobility access

More information about specific National Rail stations 

Useful train links

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My Personal Travel Plan (myptp)

myptp is a free personalised travel plan which will show you all of your travel options for your daily commute at the click of a button.

Make the best travel decision, get fit, save money or reduce stress, myptp will provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision.

myptp gathers information on walking, cycling, driving and public transport routes to work. It will also show you if you have any Liftshare options for your commute, as well as how many calories you would burn from your walking and cycling routes!

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