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Better web browsing: tips for customising your computer


Do you have issues with digital accessibility? This means that reading or understanding online content may be more difficult because of a number of reasons.

This could be because:

  • you have a long term illness, impairment or disability (this can be auditory, cognitive, neurological, physical, speech or visual)
  • you're using a mobile device
  • you're an older person with changing abilities due to ageing
  • you have a temporary disability such as a broken arm or lost glasses

Whatever the reason, if you experience any issues when reading or understanding online content, this page provides references to resources, documentation and step by step guides to help you customise your web browser and computer setup.

How to guides

The guides in the link below offer step by step instructions on how to adapt your phone, computer or tablet to meet your needs. You can:

  • search for a specific need, for example making text larger
  • filter the guides based on your symptoms, such as hand tremor
  • search for a specific condition, for example dyslexia

Guides to make your device easier to use

Browsing tips

All links below will take you to the Web Accessibility Initiative website.


Optimize your computer setup

Difficulty seeing and reading websites?

Difficulty hearing audio on websites?

Difficulty typing and using your keyboard?
Difficulty using the mouse?
Difficulty understanding and navigating websites?

Browser extensions

In addition to the links above, you may find that using an extension in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge can be useful. These include:

  • screen shaders including dark mode
  • readers
  • subtitles
  • image converters
  • resizers
  • colour enhancers

Search for Chrome accessibility extensions here.

Search for Edge accessibility extensions here.

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