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Luton Borough Council

The Great Outdoors

More than seven per cent of Luton's total area is open space from the rolling chalk downland of the Chiltern Hills, an internationally rare wildlife habitat, to ancient woodlands steeped in history.

In and around Luton a wealth of natural open spaces including seven landscaped parks contribute to the essential character of the town, providing a refreshing contrast to the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Why not visit Dallow Downs with its intriguing medley of wildflowers; Bradgers Hill with its foxes, deer and ancient farming terraces; Cowslip Meadow, a unique fragment of marshland; Leagrave Common, source of the River Lea and site of the Waulud's Bank ancient monument; and the rolling grassland of Galley and Warden Hills, home to many beautiful and nationally acknowledged rare wild flowers.

More than ten sites of importance for wildlife can be visited in Luton and many can be reached by public transport from the town centre. All are free to visit. Some sites link directly to the wider countryside, acting as stepping stones for exploring more of the area's natural heritage.

For those who enjoy walking, the beginning of the River Lea walk can be found at Leagrave Common. Follow the walk to discover the course of the river as it winds through Luton and beyond. On your way you'll stumble across green gems such as the secluded wildlife haven at Fallowfield, where you may, if you're lucky, catch a glimpse of a kingfisher or water vole.

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