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Luton Borough Council

St George's Square

This location is a large tree-lined open space, edged by shallow seating/steps on two sides. It is ideal for larger promotions, providing 1830 m2 of space, which includes a granite paving and grass lawn (700 m2) as well as an attractive water feature.

The larger size and open space of St George's Square make it an excellent venue for open-air concerts, festivals and arts events and creative promotional activities.


  • 16 amp power supplies available in the steps (Single-phase)
  • 32 amp drop box power supply
  • Large flood lighting from our lighting mast and integrated lighting (includes our well-known blue step lighting)
  • Attractive water feature
  • Entry via lowerable bollards on New Bedford Road/Bridge St corner of the square permitting vehicle access, whilst restricting unwanted traffic.

Examples of Community and arts events on St George's Square

Concerts, comedy and theatre, our Festival of St George (see photo) and the Luton Irish Forum's Festival of St Patrick 2017, both festivals including a programme of music and dancing and a craft market. The Imagine Luton Festival, a family outdoor arts experience for all ages.

Combining the two venues: Lighting up Luton for Christmas 2017, a fun seasonal event which literally lit up the town centre, from Market Hill to St George's Square.

Commercial/public sector promotions opportunities available.

Please note that we are unable to permit any form of collection (monetary or direct debit) on St George's Square.

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