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Brantwood Park

In the 1880s, the land now known as Brantwood Park was an open field on the south side of Dallow.

The Site was purchased by the Town Council in 1894 for use as a recreation ground and there is reference to it as ‘West Ward Recreation Ground in a 1911 year book. It is reported as being one of the first two recreation grounds in Luton; The other being East Ward Recreation Ground, now known as Manor Road Park.

The park is included in the Rothesay Conservation Area - a build environment planning designation.

Brantwood park provides the local community with an area of aesthetically pleasing open space which offers free access to opportunities for pursuit of a range of outdoor leisure and social activities. It provides a place for local people of all ages and levels of ability to meet, walk, sit, and play.  It is also the home of the  Dallow Festival.

The park includes :

  • a large open area of grassland to accommodate informal recreation and robust games
  • children’s Play Area
  • teenage provision/ basket ball
  • quiet areas for contemplation
  • mature trees
  • seating
  • circulation paths
  • toilets
Contact info
Brantwood Road
off Ashburnham Road and Dallow Road, LU1 1JJ


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