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Allotment gardening provides a wide range of benefits to communities and the environment. To rent an allotment or to report a problem please contact our Parks department:

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 01582 546000

​Click the image below to download our leaflet about renting an allotment from us, including:

  • the benefits of allotments and allotment associations
  • locations of allotments in Luton
  • contact details for other sites in Luton managed by allotment associations

Rent increases

Previously allotment rents in the borough were increased in line with inflation.

This year and next year (2020 and 2021) the rents will increase by more than inflation to make theallotment income cover the allotment service costs.

Currently allotment rents are £3.05 per pole or for the few second class sites £1.55 per pole.

  • From 1 October 2020 rents for all sites will be the same except Willow Way which will remain a second class site.
  • From 1st October 2020 rent will increase to £5.50 per pole.
  • From 1st October 2021 rent will increase to £8.00 per pole.

Any plotholder can ask for their specific new rent figur​e by emailing parks allotments or by contacting the customer service centre and asking for the Parks Service on 01582 546000.

You can also contact the allotments manager, Rick Donnelly via these two methods if you need to discuss the rent increase.

Open all

In Luton there are thirteen allotment sites managed either directly by the council or by an association made up of plotholders.

The Council run sites are the smaller sites and are located at

  • Bradley Road
  • Ferndale Road
  • Gypsy Lane
  • Hart Hill Lane
  • Nappbury Road
  • Wigmore Valley Park

Contact [email protected] to make a waiting list application for these sites. We ask residents to make an application for one site only.

The sites managed by associations with their contact email are located at

Please note the associations in some cases have been heavily impacted by the pandemic and lockdown, so may not responded quickly. Please be patient and do not bombard them with enquiries.

If you wish to apply for a plot on an association site, it is mandatory you join the association and pay their modest annual fee in addition to the annual rent for the plot.

Apart from providing low cost food, allotments also provide valuable recreational opportunities involving healthy activity and social contacts. They are significant to our green spaces and provide habitats for many forms of wildlife.

Allotments have evolved through a rich and varied history of social and economic change, the most notable being the 2nd World War where the public were encouraged to 'Grow their own Greens' and 'Dig for Britain'. The first legislative reforms date back to the Enclosures Act of 1845.

Today, the council has a statutory requirement to provide allotments for the public.

Taking on an allotment plot is not all hard work; it can have many advantages, providing fresh home grown vegetables, fruit and flowers for you and your family, free from artificial additives and at a fraction of that you would have expected to pay in a supermarket or greengrocer.

There is also the social side, meeting new friends with similar interests and enabling you to enjoy a healthy outdoor life with gentle exercise and a place to relax and unwind.

Contact info
Wardown Park, Old Bedford Road, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU2 7HA
Tel: 01582 546000

[email protected]


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