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Luton Borough Council

Mayne Avenue Open Space

The project will part fund provision of children and young people's play facilities in Mayne Avenue Open Space, an area deficient in quality play provision.

The project will deliver:

  • a play area designed to cater for children and young people from 0-16 years old that allows children and young people of all levels of ability to play together
  • consultation via a panel of local young people/representatives who will assist the Parks Services Technical Officer in choosing the design that best meets local requirements

The project acknowledges that the Luton Strategy has identified that a significant barrier to accessing free play is concerns with safety and security. The bid seeks to address this through installing the infrastructure necessary to mount portable CCTV monitoring equipment that will be used periodically to discourage vandalism and anti-social activity. Community Police already patrol the area and will continue to do so.

A range of consultation exercises have already taken place. A Landscape Architect's plan developed in response to planning for a real exercise is available. The plan shows the area identified for the play facility.

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