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Luton Borough Council

Ashcroft Recreational Park

This project aims to improve play facilities in Ashcroft Park located in the East of Luton, an area of deficiency as identified in the Luton Play Strategy.

The project will deliver a teenage shelter, basketball area, equipped play for 12+ age group, seating, a notice board and signage. These are items which have been identified through consultation with young people in the local area, requested by local people and organisations and meet actions identified in the Ashcroft and Ramridge neighbourhood renewal plan. The new provision will comply with relevant legislation including DDA requirements.

The services of a Landscape Architect (LA) will be employed to ensure that the new facilities/equipment are well designed and located. The LA's brief will include further workshops with local people and disabled users to ensure plans for the play equipment meet the needs of all users. To assist with community cohesion, raising awareness of what makes a well designed district park will be a central workshop theme. In this way, the park will be designed to meet needs of all users.

The project acknowledges that the Luton Play Strategy has identified that a significant barrier to accessing free play is concerns with safety and security. The bid will also benefit from the provision of play rangers to encourage appropriate use of the facilities by engaging with young people at play and to resolve any design issues that may arise, reduce the risk of vandalism that may occur when facilities are first introduced and provide an on-site presence to build confidence of users in accessing the new improved provision.

The project will also provide the infrastructure necessary to secure portable, police monitored CCTV equipment. This will be used periodically to discourage vandalism and anti-social activity and improve safety.

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