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Luton Borough Council

Black History Month


Luton celebrates Black History Month as a time for change

Community groups and individuals across Luton have been working hard to organise a wide range of activities that promote and celebrate Black History Month 2022.

There are events for everyone, from music, film and theatre to thought provoking talks, book launches and a black culture market.

Black History Month (BHM) runs every October in the UK. This year the theme is Time for Change: Actions Not Words and celebrates black leaders and artists that have changed the world, and explores stories and experiences from communities across Luton and beyond.

Cllr Hazel Simmons, Leader of Luton Council, said: “Black History Month is an opportunity for us to celebrate the rich diversity of our town and to acknowledge the successes of the black community by celebrating the achievements, triumphs and impact of its rich culture.

I welcome this opportunity for us all to engage and exchange in learning, in honour and respect to strengthen greater understanding between diverse cultures.

Black History Month is also a time for us to reaffirm our commitment to a town built on fairness and to renew our declaration that Black Lives Matter.

We have made progress but we know there remain many challenges and we need to do more to tackle inequality.”

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