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Luton Borough Council

Luton Choral Society

The Luton Choral Society started from an idea in 1866.  The society was founded in 1870 and gave its first performance in 1871.

Today, the society has over 50 members, mostly drawn from Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, performing works from both the traditional repertoire and also from more contemporary composers.

We are always pleased to meet new members. Maybe you last sang at school, at college or only in the bath. Why not join the Luton Choral Society for a rehearsal and experience the joy of choral singing? You can contact our membership secretary for further details or you will receive a warm welcome if you simply turn up at one of our weekly rehearsals.

Where to do we rehearse?
We meet on Tuesday evenings during school term times at St Paul's Church on the junction of Latimer Road, New Town Street and Newtown Road, Luton.​​

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