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Sport and physical activity: our policies and strategies


Sport and Physical Activity: Our Policies and Strategies
Here, you can learn about, and read:

  • our long term plans for sport and physical activity in Luton (strategies)
  • how we are going to make these changes happen (action plans)
Luton has a ‘Strategic Vision for Sport and Physical Activity’ which sets out how the council and our partners will increase participation in sport and physical activity between 2018 and 2022.
Luton’s vision for its 2018-2022 strategy is that ‘Local people will, regardless of age, background or ability, understand the benefits of maintaining an active lifestyle and have the capability, motivation and unconstrained opportunity to participate in regular physical activity’.
Luton’s mission is that ‘By 2022, an additional 22,000 people will lead more physically active lifestyles, with the focus being to engage under-represented groups and those living in areas of greater deprivation.
In Luton, the council and partners want to increase the amount of people who are leading active and healthy lives by facilitating opportunities for residents to take part in sport and physical activity and by encouraging residents to understand the huge number of benefits on offer, in order to:
  • enable more residents to reach the recommended 150 minutes physical activity per week
  • support and build capacity within the voluntary and community sector  to provide a greater number of opportunities for people to take part in sport and physical activity Improve access to facilities and open spaces, particularly for those in the most deprived areas
  • reduce health inequalities within Luton
  • help every child to have a healthy start in life
  • have healthier and more independent adults and older people
  • promote the benefits of sport and physical activity for whole school improvement and, through sport based volunteering and qualifications, maximise sports’ role in contributing to a more skilled population

Under the umbrella of Luton Strategic Vision for Sport and Physical Activity, are also Luton Playing Pitch Strategy (2014) and Luton’s Indoor Sports Facilities Strategy (2015),  which were produced to support the overall vision and provide a clear strategic framework for the maintenance and improvement of outdoor and indoor sports and ancillary facilities until 2021.
Our key partners in this work include Sport England, Active Luton, team Beds & Luton, Luton Sports Network, Luton CCG, ELFT, local community and voluntary groups (via the Community Activity Network), the University of Bedfordshire, national sports governing bodies (e.g. Football Association) and Luton schools.

Together with these partners we are have created various integrated teams and an overall ‘steering group’ to co-ordinate and oversee the delivery of the agreed priorities and outcomes via the action plans, including the following groups:
  • sport and skills development
  • tackling physical inactivity and improving mental wellbeing
  • sporting environment
  • schools childhood obesity challenge
If you would like copies of the most recent action plans, please email: [email protected]
You can read the three completed strategies by downloading the documents below.


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