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Sport and physical activity: our policies and strategies


Learn and read about our policies and strategies:

  • our long term plans for sport and physical activity in Luton (strategies)
  • how we are going to make these changes happen (action plans)

Luton Council is currently in the process of refreshing it’s Sport and Physical Activity Strategy which will set out how the council and our partners will reduced physical inactivity within Luton and support the local community to be more physically active between 2022 to 2040. 

Luton’s vision for it’s 2022 to 2040 strategy is to ‘create a system and environment that increases physical activity and reduces inactivity levels across the borough of Luton'.

The strategy will adopt a whole system approach to tackle physical inactivity which will involve co-production, working with:

  • local residents
  • schools
  • partners
  • stakeholders

At different levels in order to influence change within the system to produce better outcomes specifically around:

  • physical activity
  • obesity
  • prevalence of non-communicable diseases
  • mental wellbeing
  • active and sustainable transport

Whilst tackling local inequalities.

Phase one consultation

The council conducted a phase one consultation on the draft sport and physical activity strategy from November 2022 to February 2023. A total of 281 responses were received from adults, organisations and children and young people.

A key aspect of the phase one consultation was to gather residents and the local community’s views and opinions on the draft sport and physical activity strategy and the four priority themes. 

  • Theme 1 - Creating active people: giving people the chance to be more physically active 
  • Theme 2 - Creating active systems: looking at how we work and what can be done to improve and help more people be active 
  • Theme 3 - Creating active environments: looking at how people get around Luton, and what can be done to improve this and help people be more active 
  • Theme 4 - Creating active societies: helping people understand why it is important to be active

Under the umbrella of Luton Strategic Vision for Sport and Physical Activity, are also:

  • Luton Playing Pitch Strategy
  • Luton’s Indoor Sports Facilities Strategy

Which are in the process of being refreshed, these strategies are non-committal documents but provide a strategic framework for the maintenance and improvement of outdoor and indoor sports and ancillary facilities. 

Phase two consultation

The council will be conducting a phase two consultation in 2023 which will involve consulting on the final ‘Sport and Physical Activity Strategy as well as the 'Playing Pitch and Indoor Facilities Strategy', with a view to having these strategies adopted by 2024. 

Our key partners in this work include:

  • Sport England
  • Active Luton
  • Be Active
  • Luton Sport and Physical Activity Network
  • Luton Clinical Commissioning Group
  • East London Foundation Trust
  • local community and voluntary groups
  • the University of Bedfordshire
  • national sports governing bodies (e.g. Football Association)
  • Luton schools

Together with these partners we are have created three priority sub-groups (create active people, create active societies and create active environments) and an overall ‘strategic steering group’ to co-ordinate and oversee the delivery of the agreed priorities and outcomes via the action plans. 

If you would like copies of the most recent action plans, please email: [email protected]
Once the strategies have been adopted, they will be uploaded in the download section below. 

Our sport and physical activity strategy will adopt a whole systems approach to tackle physical inactivity, this will involve co-production working with local residents, schools, partners and stakeholders at different levels in order to influence change within the system to produce better outcomes specifically around physical activity, obesity, mental wellbeing and active and sustainable transport, whilst tackling local inequalities. To understand more of what this will look like, please watch our video below.

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