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Careers Explorer

If you're trying to decide which career you'd like to pursue, or are thinking about changing your career, it can be hard to find out the information you need to make your decision - things like average salary and the qualifications you need.
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How can Careers Explorer help you?

It can give you information about the next steps to take in Luton specifically. Find out if there are many opportunities locally for your chosen career path. Are the courses you need to take held nearby? Can you take part in an apprenticeship to learn more?
Careers Explorer is packed full of relevant information on a wide range of careers. Most importantly, the information you will find here centres around Luton specifically.
Click the orange button above to visit Careers Explorer and type in the career you are considering, eg nursing. You can then choose from the following options, depending on what you're interested in:

Navigating Careers Explorer

There are different paths that can be taken to reach your chosen career, all of which can be investigated using Careers Explorer. For example:
Click here to find out how Careers Explorer can help you follow any of these paths.
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