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28/04/2021 - Would you like to tell us about your experience of the BTS repairs service?


One of our involved tenant and leaseholder groups are the Housing Scrutiny Panel. This Panel is an independent group of recruited council tenants and leaseholders and their role is to scrutinise council housing services.

This year the Panel is reviewing day to day Repairs and communal area repairs services. They would like to hear from tenants and leaseholders who have had a repair carried out recently or reported a repair that remains outstanding. The Panel would also like to know about residents experience when they report a repair.

The Panel is holding a boot-camp style session on Tuesday 13 July at Stockwood Discovery Centre. If you are interested in attending to share your experience of the repairs service please let us know.

You can also email us or speak to us virtually on Zoom if you are unable to attend.

Please contact us on [email protected] or telephone Maurice at 07809 100 433

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