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The Tenant Participation team have recently recruited tenant volunteers to work with the partnership board along with our housing team.

​Volunteers will act as an ambassador to the housing service, representing the views and concerns of tenants in the wider neighbourhoods.
This role is a great opportunity to:
  • drive service improvement
  • build cohesive neighbourhoods
  • enable thriving communities
  • reinvigorate partnerships between tenants and the housing service
  • enhance skills along the way

Next steps

Where we are now
In February we went through the interview process in order to select new board members. From this we have been able to fill all tenant volunteer positions on the North and South boards which include:
  • leaseholder x4
  • 16-21 year old x4
  • sheltered housing x4
  • social housing x4
We are now going to work with the recruited board members by giving those volunteers two days training in order to enhance their skills needed for the Partnership board and forum meetings, as well as learning more on housing services.
There will be an opportunity to get to know who the new board members are in the next article which will also include:
  • photographs
  • names of all the members
  • what area of housing members represent on the board

Why are we holding training days?

The purpose of the training will be to give the new board members further insight to what their role will entail and to expand on their existing skills. as well as the behaviours that will be relevant to the board, for example, meeting and feedback skills.
Board members will also be able to gain more understanding of the housing service.
Another purpose of the training will be to give board members the opportunity to meet and get to know one another as they will be working together in the future.

What will the training days cover?

The first training day will be delivered by Luton Council and we will be giving the board members a chance to meet the housing managers they will be working with, and to understand the housing service being provided by them and their teams.
As well as meeting the managers, board members will also be able to interact and get to know one another through various workshops being held.
These workshops will also be chance for the board members to strengthen their skills that
will be relevant to working on the board.
The second training day will be delivered by TPAS, who will deliver training on all different aspects such as:
  • working as a team
  • understanding housing management performance information
  • effective challenging and questioning including a range of workshops
As an authority we see tenant participation as an important element of quality social housing management and are exceptionally committed to training linked to tenant participation.

By investing in our volunteers at this early stage, these training sessions express how serious we are about tenant participation in Luton. We hope our board members will get the best out of this tenant participation opportunity.
Ian Cartmell, head of Housing Operations said "We are delighted and excited to be working with our brand new Housing Partnership Board members for the new Tenant Participation approach to housing services.
"Training is going to be vital to their new roles and we are investing and supporting ou
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