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Luton Borough Council

08/06/2021 - Do you know what should go in your green lidded, recycling bin?


Did you know that we can’t collect green bins with general waste in them?

If a green bin contains non recyclables as well as recyclables, the entire contents can’t be recycled and it costs more for us to dispose of as general waste rather than recycling.

We want to make sure all the recycling we collect from Luton residents can be processed properly, so please don’t put things in your green bin like:

  • black bags
  • nappies
  • food
  • glass

Also always wash food debris off and never put dirty packaging in your green lidded recycling bin.

Green bins with general waste, black bags, nappies, glass and food waste inside will not be collected.

Reminder of what goes where - bins and recycling
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