Closure order the reward for anti-social behaviour - Luton Council

Following complaints of serious anti-social behaviour from neighbours, our housing service has taken action. Luton Magistrates Court awarded a 'closure order' on two properties that will stop the anti-social behaviour once and for all.

​A flat in Albion Court was a source of nuisance to residents in the surrounding area due to people dealing drugs and causing anti-social behaviour in and outside the property. Drug paraphernalia was regularly being cleared from the communal gardens and this was having a detrimental impact on the surrounding residents and the local area.
On 7 April 2017, Luton Magistrates Court awarded us a closure order for a period of three months which will exclude all persons from the property, including the tenant. This gives local residents and the community a reprieve from the nuisance. During this period further action will be considered. 
In addition to the above, complaints were also received in regards to nuisance, including noise and allegations of drug use at a property in Fitzwarin Close, Luton. Similarly Luton Magistrates Court considered our application for a closure order.
After hearing submissions from the Housing Service and representations from the tenant on the 11 April 2017, the court granted the order to close this address for a period of three months.
This also means that no-one, including the tenant, can enter the address for this period - both properties have been fully secured and locked up.
Cllr Tom Shaw, portfolio holder for Housing said: "This action sends a clear message to both perpetrators and victims of nuisance and anti-social behaviour that we will not tolerate it and will use all powers at our disposal to resolve the issues."
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