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Luton Borough Council

15/02/2021 - Cleaning council flat blocks


​We currently employ an external organisation to clean council flat blocks, and this contract is due for review soon. This has provided us with the opportunity to look into other ways for the service to be delivered. 

One option is for tenants to set up a tenant led cleaning co-operative (TLCC) to manage communal area management. Setting up a TLCC does need the support, commitment and involvement of tenants in the area that it’s set up for. 

Residents in low rise blocks around the Moakes, Marsh Farm are looking into the option of local tenants being employed to:
  • litter pick
  • carry out light cleaning and grass cutting at their blocks
The next step is that all the tenants in the blocks will be contacted to establish their interest. We'll keep you updated. 

Would you like to know more about getting involved in this project setting up a tenant led co-operative option in your area?

Email us for more information on [email protected].
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