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​Welcome to our Housing Options service. Here you can find information about other types of housing and how to get help if you’re about to become homeless.

I'm at risk of losing my home

If you think you’re at risk of losing your home, please contact us early. We can offer more help if you get in touch before you’re in a crisis. We may be able to stop you becoming homeless at all.
After we've carried out an assessment of your housing needs, support needs and the circumstances that led to you becoming homeless, or threatened with homelessness, you'll receive a personalised housing plan.
The plan tells you what you need to do to stay in your current home, or steps that you will need to take to find accommodation in the private sector. We’ll expect you to do everything listed in the plan.

We have a duty to try to stop you from becoming homeless. We’ll do this by trying to help you to stay in your current home, if possible.

I'm already homeless

If you’re already homeless, we have a duty to give you advice and help to find accommodation. This is likely to be in the private sector.
We’ll write a personal housing plan for you, which tells you what you need to so to stay in your current home, or to find accommodation in the private sector. We’ll expect you to do everything listed in the plan.

Plan ahead

If you want to move, or need to move, it’s important to plan ahead. Before you give up your home make sure that where you’re planning to move to is suitable and affordable for you.
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Private renting

There are lots of advantages to renting privately. Expand tab for more information.


Most hostels in the area accept referrals from us, and from other support services such as social services and probation. You can also refer yourself.

Low cost home ownership schemes (LCHO)

Affordable home ownership products are available if you can't afford to purchase a property on the open market.

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Council housing

There are limited options when it comes to council or housing association housing, but depending on your circumstances you may be eligible.

Find out more about council housing.


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Rent deposit scheme

Landlords of privately rented accommodation usually require a deposit and rent in advance before they agree to offer a tenancy.
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