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Apply for a transfer of accommodation

If you live in a council home in Luton and need to move, you can apply to us for a transfer of accommodation.

Apply for a council home

There’s a limited supply of council and housing association homes in Luton and this means that most people who join the register won’t receive an offer of housing. Unfortunately, even those with the greatest need could be waiting several years before being offered a home.

Bidding for vacant council and housing association homes

To be considered for available council or housing association properties you must be on our housing register, or on our transfer list if you’re already a tenant (see above).

Join the housing register

Anyone over the age of 18 can join the housing register unless:

What is unacceptable behaviour?

Unacceptable behaviour is where an applicant, or a member of the applicant’s household, has carried out an act that makes them unsuitable to be a tenant of the council or a housing association.
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