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Luton Borough Council

Who is responsible for repairs to my council leasehold property?


When you own a flat or a maisonette that is part of a larger building or complex owned by us, you are purchasing a council leasehold.

When repairs are necessary it is important for you to know who is responsible for them – you, or us.
The lists below set out who is responsible for repairs.

Charging for repairs and maintenance

If the work needed falls under our responsibilities, then we will undertake the work and charge your portion of the cost back to you through your service charge. We refer to this as a ‘recharge’.
If the work needed falls under your responsibilities you can use your own chosen contractor to undertake the works and you will be responsible for paying them in full. 

Our responsibilities

  • the external structure of the building (including the entrance door to the flat)
  • external walls
  • windows / sills / lintels / canopies
  • entrance doors and frames to the block
  • gutters and down-pipes
  • internal communal walls (excluding plaster and finishes)
  • internal communal areas
  • external stores (structure) excluding store doors
  • maintaining the boundaries of the site
  • external communal areas, including hard standings, paths, grassed areas, brick planters etc.
  • garage blocks (structure)
  • foundations
  • joist and beams to floors and ceilings
  • roof construction rafters, purlins, binders, roof trusses etc.
  • roof coverings, such as tile or slate
  • flues and chimneystacks
  • drainage and manholes, gullies
  • communal heating (where applicable)
  • fire fighting equipment (where applicable)
  • security measures to include controlled entry, security lighting, CCTV etc.
  • rubbish chutes / bins
  • lifts
  • communal water storage tanks and services (serving more than one flat)
  • service ducts
  • water pumping equipment
  • ventilation systems (integral)
  • communal lighting to block (internal/external)
  • communal TV installations (aerials or cable services)
  • communal electricity
  • grounds maintenance
  • communal cleaning
  • communal caretaking
  • clearance of rubbish
  • clearance of graffiti
  • acts of vandalism to the structure
  • laundry facilities
  • external painting / pre-paint repairs
  • boiler servicing for communal boilers
  • lift servicing / inspections
  • pump maintenance – communal systems
  • ventilation maintenance
  • CCTV maintenance contract
  • fire alarm systems (fitted by us)

Leaseholders responsibilities

These all occur within the walls of the individual property and are not communal areas.
  • glazing to windows and doors
  • ceilings
  • internal doors
  • plaster and other finishes to walls, ceilings and floors
  • water tank (serving only one dwelling)
  • plumbing, heating and electrical services / appliances within the flat
  • all fixtures and fittings
  • internal decorations
For any repairs issues please contact Building and Technical Services on 0800 014 7333.
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