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Landlords: is your property fit to live in?


Every house must satisfy certain requirements in order for it to be suitable for someone to live in.

If you think the house you are renting out or living in may not be suitable, contact us using the details below. The condition of houses is assessed using the Housing Health & Safety Rating System (HHSRS) available to download below.
If we identify a property which exhibits “Category 1 or 2 hazards” we can take enforcement action requiring you to carry out repairs to remedy the hazard. If you fail to comply, then you can face substantial fines or we may carry out the work ourselves and send you the bill.


More information is contained in the landlord’s guide to HHSRS included at the bottom of the page.
If you rent the property to more than two unrelated other people, it may be classed as a House in Multiple Occupation – additional standards and requirements apply – please follow this link for further information – Houses in Multiple Occupation.

Working safely

The government has produced guidance relating to safe working whilst social distancing restrictions remain which you can find here:
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