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Complaints about rubbish on private land


Rubbish dumped in gardens and other private areas is not only ugly, it can also be a breeding ground for disease. There are set procedures we follow depending on where and what the waste is.

This page only explains what to do about waste on private residential land and what to do if you want to report it. For all other waste enquires, go to our pages on rubbish, waste and recycling.

Who is responsible for clearing waste on private land?

The landlord/landowner is responsible for clearing that waste. If this is not done, we might be able to enforce the landlord to carry out clearing work.
Our enforcement powers are limited to the types of waste could cause the spread of disease, such as food waste and soft bedding that will allow rats to burrow and nest in. We cannot enforce the removal of other rubbish such as building rubble, car parts, discarded furniture or electrical equipment.

How do I report rubbish on private land?

To report discarded waste on private land in an area close to you, please contact us using the details below.

What will the council do about it?

We will write to the landowner explaining that there has been a complaint about waste matter on their land and to remove it, which the landlord has the right to appeal. If the waste is still there after two weeks we will serve a notice. If the landlord still doesn’t carry out the work, we will then clear the land and charge the landlord for it.

You can now pay your Works In Default fee online using the button below.

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What if I’m a landlord and people are dumping waste on my land?

You still have a duty to clear it but we can provide advice on how to prevent unauthorised dumping, for example by putting up signage and fences.
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