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Repurchase of former council properties

Home owners who purchased their property under the Right to Buy Scheme on or after 18 January  2005 and wish to dispose of the property within ten years of purchasing it must first offer the property to us.

The owner must serve an offer notice on us which must contain all of the information listed below:
  1. states that the owner wishes to dispose of the property giving its full postal address
  2. states that there is a covenant requiring him/her/them to first offer the property to us
  3. in relation to the property:
    1. specifies whether the property is a house, a flat or a maisonette
    2. specifies the number of bedrooms
    3. gives details of the heating system
    4. specifies any improvements or structural changes which have been made since purchase
  4. states the address at which we may serve notices upon the owner and provides a contact telephone number.
  5. provides a market valuation for the property.
Following service of your offer notice, we have eight weeks from the date of receipt your offer notice to either:-
  1. Accept the offer
  2. Nominate another social landlord to accept the offer
  3. Reject the offer
If we accept the offer to purchase your property, the next step will be for us to agree the purchase price. If we cannot agree the purchase price then either party can request that the district valuer determines the value of the property.

If we do not wish to purchase the property, you may offer it to open market sale for 12 months. If you do not sell during that time, you will have to offer the property again to the council.

Any open market sale will require the involvement of our legal services team to provide permission for the sale. There is a small charge for this legal work.

Please note:

If the repurchase is taking place less than five years after it was sold to you, you will have to repay us a portion of the discount that was given to you when you purchased the property. The amount of the repayment depends on the valuation of the property. More details on this calculation is available in the discount rules section of the government's Your right to buy your home guide.
Your offer notice should be sent to the contact details below:
By email: [email protected]
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