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My landlord won’t repair my home - can the council help?


If you rent your home from a private landlord (not from us), and you are having problems getting them to sort out major repairs, we may be able to help you.

Your first step is to ask your landlord to carry out the repairs within a reasonable timescale. If they don’t we can take steps to make them carry out their responsibilities.

Types of repairs we can take action on include:

  • structural problems that could cause danger
  • heating that is not working
  • having no hot water
  • broken windows or doors
  • cooker or fridge not working
  • leaking roof
  • faulty electrics or wiring

We do not have the power to force the landlord to make minor cosmetic changes such as replacing carpets or curtains, or to redecorate.

How we'll take action

Each situation has to be considered on its own merits, so we will need to decide if the problem needs urgent attention.

If the work is non-urgent we will write to your landlord encouraging them do the work. If they still don’t, we can issue an enforcement notice.

If the work is a hazard, we will take enforcement action.

If the landlord doesn’t comply with the notice we will carry out the repairs and charge the landlord for them, as well as for the cost of the enforcement notice.

Report repairs in a private rented property

Repairs to HMOs

If you share your accommodation with at least two other people, you may be living in a house in multiple occupation (HMO) and additional standards and requirements apply. Read more about HMOs.

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