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Luton Borough Council

High rise buildings fire risk assessment

We carry out fire risk assessments on high rise buildings annually or after significant works.

These assessments are a snapshot of issues found at the time of the inspection only. If anyone wishes to raise concerns between inspections please contact [email protected] immediately.
The attached fire risk assessments contain the date of the assessment.

Any issues listed will either have been addressed or put in a programme for future works. We will carry out works straight away if we think there is imminent danger.

Other items will be put into our works programme and dealt with as soon as is practical.
In addition, we carry out regular inspections of the blocks between the assessments and will remove any dangers.

Joint audits inspections are also carried out together with The Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service. We will take any actions necessary, should they be required.
Residents of blocks also can help by:

  • testing the smoke alarm in your property regularly
  • ensuring all fire doors are shut
  • keeping balconies and all communal areas free from rubbish, bicycles, electrical appliances, furniture or any clutter
  • not fly-tipping or leaving items in the bin chute areas/rooms
  • leaving items that cannot go down the chute in your property until you can arrange for it to be taken down to the bins
  • making sure you know where your nearest fire exit is preventing unauthorised people from entering the building
  • not smoking in communal areas in the building (if you have to smoke in your home, always fully extinguish cigarettes and dispose of them carefully and safely)
  • reporting any crime or antisocial behaviour (including vandalism and arson) in or around the block to the police or the council
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