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Luton Borough Council

Fire safety in blocks of flats


We take the issue of fire safety in our blocks of flats very seriously. If you have any concerns about fire safety in your council blocks, please call 0800 0147 333.

What should you do if there is a fire in your block?

We have a ‘Stay Put’ policy agreed with the Fire Service. This means that unless the fire is in your flat you should stay in your flat. If there is a need to evacuate the Fire Service will supervise this.

Please read our ‘Stay Put’ policy by downloading it from the bottom of this page. It tells you what you should do in the event of a fire if you live in a block of flats.

If you live in a high rise block of flats please remember that in the event of a fire:

  • do NOT use the lift
  • if the fire is inside your flat, get out quickly, close the door to prevent the fire spreading into the corridor
  • raise the alarm by calling the Fire Brigade

Are Luton’s blocks of flats safe?

Your safety will always be our number one priority. We carry out regular fire risk audits (FRA) with the Bedfordshire and Luton Fire and Rescue Service (BLFRS), and regularly review our FRA with an independent fire risk assessor to ensure Luton’s blocks meet the highest possible fire standards.

We've developed a programme of fire safety improvements across town to keep you, and all of our residents, as safe as possible. The construction of our blocks means individual flats are compartmented (individually boxed in), which effectively protects residents in the event of a fire.

To further improve safety every flat that has its own smoke alarm which is checked annually. Communal areas such as corridors are now decorated in special flame-retardant paint.

How does the council manage fire risk?

We inspect the blocks on a regular basis to identify and report any issues for priority repair. We work in close partnership with BLFRS to ensure our high rise blocks of flats are as safe as possible, carrying out routine joint auditing and training exercises.

Over the past few years, a dedicated team has been carrying out improvements in line with FRA recommendations including:

  • improving fire safety signage
  • overhauling fire doors
  • installing new flat front fire doors
  • updating fire fighting equipment
  • installing new emergency lighting
  • strengthening fire resistance in corridors, cupboards and service ducts

The latest version of our fire safety policy (available to download below) outlines how we manage fire risk in our blocks of flats. We also carry out regular maintenance and servicing to the high rise and sheltered blocks.

We also have a smoke alarm procedure (download below) which outlines the process of testing smoke detectors installed in our properties.

Fire brigade training

We work very closely with the BLFRS in carrying out training exercises in the high rise blocks to ensure procedures are in place and that they are familiar with the block layout in the event of a fire.

Other important fire safety information

There are several fire safety guidance leaflets available on GOV.UK. These outline the DOs and DON’Ts to minimise the risk of fire in your home in the event of a fire. Please familiarise yourself with each of these.

Fire safety guidance on GOV.UK


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