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Your right to buy your council home

What are my rights and responsibilities as a council tenant?


As one of our tenants you have a right to buy your home if you have a secure tenancy.

You normally qualify to buy your council home if you are a secure tenant and you have been living in a council or other social landlord (such as a housing association) property for either:

  • at least two years, if you first became a tenant before 18 January 2005
  • at least three years, if you first became a tenant after 18 January 2005

You cannot buy the following homes:

  • sheltered housing
  • a property that is due for demolition within the next two years
  • a service tenancy

For more information and guidance on buying your council home, including costs, discounts and timescales, follow this link to the government’s website on right to buy: buying your council home.

This will advise you to seek independent legal and financial advice to make sure you can afford to buy your home. You will also be able to download the application form.

Buying your property can be expensive. Costs involved in buying your home include:

  • stamp duty
  • valuation
  • mortgage costs
  • solicitor’s fees

Once you are a homeowner, things you will have to pay regularly include mortgage payments, insurances, and costs for repairs and maintenance.

If you are buying the leasehold, usually if you live in a flat – you will also have to pay service charges towards the upkeep of the building. We will give you an estimate of the service charge costs for the next five years when we tell you the sale price of your flat.

Please consider the costs involved before deciding if buying your home is the right thing for you..

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