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What can I expect from my new council home?

Before you move in to your new council property, Luton Council will check to make sure your new home is safe, secure, clean and in a good state of repair. We expect that you will keep your home in this condition.

We will carry out most repairs before your tenancy starts. However, in order to avoid unnecessary delays, some works may be carried out shortly afterwards. We will discuss this with you before you sign your tenancy agreement

Security And Safety

All doors will be fitted with new locks while the property is empty. We will provide you with three keys (two for communal doors) and two security fobs (where required). We will provide window keys (where possible) and make sure any window restrictors are working properly. We will ensure that the main entrance has suitable lighting.


  • fitted with minimum of one sink unit and one double unit (wall or base)
  • minimum of 0.5m food preparation surface
  • we will create space for a washing machine if possible
  • you will need to arrange your own cooker (it won’t always be possible to have a gas cooker)
  • walls adjacent to sink units and food preparation areas will be fitted with minimum 30cm ceramic tile splashback


  • toilet, wash hand basin and bath or shower will be in good working order
  • flooring will be easy to clean and moisture resistant
  • no lock will be installed on the bathroom door
  • walls adjacent to baths and basins will be fitted with minimum 30cm ceramic tile splashback

All rooms

  • at least one light fitting per room
  • two double sockets in double bedrooms and living rooms, and one double socket in single bedrooms
  • hard wired smoke detectors will be checked and tested battery operated carbon monoxide detectors, where installed, will be checked and tested
  • lighting to staircases to have a two-way switch
  • all staircases will be fitted with a handrail
  • all windows will be reasonably draught free
  • window catches will work properly and windows will open easily
  • fire doors, where appropriate, will be in place
  • doors will open and close freely and all handles, catches, etc will work properly
  • all floors and window glass will be clean
  • floors will be level and even enough to receive coverings
  • all walls and ceilings will be free of major defects and in suitable condition for preparation and re-decoration
  • decorative condition will be assessed and a decorations voucher may be given to you

Please note, we will not provide carpets. If the previous tenant has left good quality, well fitted carpet or laminate flooring, we will leave it in the property for you. In this case, we are gifting it to you and take no further responsibility for upkeep or maintenance


  • footpaths and drives will be level and free of tripping hazards
  • boundary walls, fences, gates and outbuildings will be free of major defects and structurally sound
  • chestnut pale fencing (stick and wire) will be provided for party boundaries and close board fencing for public boundaries
  • the garden (if there is one) will be free from hazards and rubbish
  • tall hedges, including Leylandii, will be reduced or removed
  • ponds will be filled in and outside taps removed


  • all fixed appliances and pipework will be checked in accordance with current regulations
  • there will be an adequate power and utility supply exclusive to the property or able to be metered independently
  • drainage will be free from obstruction and suitably enclosed/covered
  • each room will have adequate ventilation without compromising security
  • we will check for asbestos and deal with it appropriately if found
  • any polystyrene tiles will be removed
  • we will ensure the property has current valid gas safety and electrical check certificates and a valid energy performance certificate


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