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Luton Borough Council

My council home needs repairs


You can report a repair in a number of ways:

By calling 0800 0147 333 (Mon-Fri 8am – 8pm only)

Emergency repairs: If you need to report an emergency repair outside of these hours (including at weekends and bank holidays) you can use the number above. However, if you call out-of-hours and the repair is found to be non-urgent we may charge you for the cost of the call out.
Please remember that the Emergency Repairs Service only deals with emergencies. They should not be called for jobs that can safely be left until normal working hours.
Appointments: You can also use this number to make and change appointments and to arrange your gas service (Mon-Fri 8am – 8pm only).
By emailing the details of the repair to us at [email protected]
By registering to use Tenancy self-service. This is our online service for council tenants to report repairs and to check repairs that have already been reported. You can also use it for other Housing services such as to check and pay your rent. Do not use this service to report emergency repairs.

Urgency of repairs

We put types of repair into different categories:
  • Immediate – within one hour. This is for things that pose a threat to safety or security of any site, property, or person
  • Emergency – within one working day. This is for things that would leave people without essential services or could cause serious damage if not rectified
  • Urgent – within five working days. This is for jobs that cause some inconvenience or would lead to further difficulties if not rectified
  • Standard – within 30 working days. These are non-urgent jobs.
When you report a repair you will be told the priority it has been given and we will arrange an appointment with you.
We want to make sure that our repairs are of a high standard. When we have done the work, we will ask you to tell us your views on the quality of the service and the repair.

Our responsibility

  • the structure and exterior of your home
  • the services for utilities - gas, electricity and water
  • baths, basins, sinks and toilets
  • fixtures and fittings installed by us
  • communal areas in blocks

Your responsibility

  • to allow access for the annual gas service
  • to report any damage or defects to your property immediately
  • to allow access to carry out repairs
  • to carry out some minor repairs and replacements as detailed in your tenancy agreement
  • to keep your home clean and tidy and in a condition that does not cause a risk to the health of you or others
  • to decorate the inside of your home when necessary
  • to repair any damage caused by carelessness from you, or from anyone who lives with you or who visits you

Paying for repairs

Most of the services you receive are paid for through your rent however some repairs are your responsibility. We will tell you if this is the case when you report it. We can do these repairs for you if you want us to and charge you for the work later. If you owe us money for rent we may ask you to pay some of this in advance.

Criminal damage

If you are the innocent victim of criminal damage and the matter has been reported to the police and a crime reference number obtained, we will carry out the repairs without charging you. We will seek to recover the costs of criminal damage where the person responsible is known and convicted of the offence.

Missed appointments

You may also have to pay for missing two pre-arranged appointments where you have not given us notice of your need to cancel or rearrange.

Mutual exchanges

When you complete a mutual exchange (swapping homes with another council, or Housing Association tenant), you become legally responsible for any improvements and additions made by that previous tenant.

This means you will become responsible for the repair or replacement of these additions or alterations.
We will still carry out repairs which we have responsibility for.

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