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Luton Borough Council

Strategic Housing Market Assessment

Since 2010, all local authorities have commissioned work to find out the housing requirements in their area.

Previously the Bedfordshire Strategic Housing Market Assessment was completed in 2009/10.  However, the Bedfordshire SHMA was broken down into smaller local areas, and Luton and Central Bedfordshire developed a joint SHMA.
The Strategic Housing Market Assessment was introduced in 2010 and it shows the housing requirements in a given area.  It provides evidence on the tenure, size and mix of housing across the area which includes market, intermediate and social rented housing.
Luton with Central Bedfordshire council has commissioned their work together for many years to assist with their Local Plan development to ORS (Opinion Resources Services) to carry out this research.
The Government wants evidence from all Councils to show their housing needs and requirements.   The evidence from these documents will help inform policy making at local and regional levels.
This is the SHMA dated in January 2015, which Luton used to proceed to our Local Plan, however there is a more current document which does precedes this document to date.


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