The Luton Housing Strategy 2019-22 marks our commitment to leading the way in providing good quality homes for people on all incomes.

Housing is an essential part of our inclusive growth strategy so that Luton is a good place to live and thrive. We've seen significant progress over the last three years with substantial investment in Luton through the Luton Investment Framework (LIF) which sits at the heart of this strategy.

Luton is regenerating and growing, and we recognise the challenge of making good quality housing accessible and affordable for a diverse and dynamic population.

Some of our recent housing achievements are highlighted in the strategy, such as how:

  • we've eliminated the use of bed and breakfast accommodation for homeless households, with a shift to leased homes and more stable accommodation
  • our enforcement activity is transforming the private rented sector and tackling rogue landlords
  • we're investing in improvements to our homes to make them and our estates attractive places to live
  • our repairs and maintenance division, BTS, invested over £11 million per year in investment in our stock, and have started building new homes and has a 97 per cent approval rating from our residents
  • our tenant participation activity has been growing so that we can be closer to our communities and adapt our services to respond

We're becoming more active in tackling housing issues directly through our own development activities but we also rely on good partnerships to ensure that this strategy is delivered.

We'll continue to nurture and grow our relationships with housing providers, third sector partners, and statutory bodies such as Luton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) in order to realise our growing ambitions.

"Together we are committed to improving and protecting the health, wellbeing, housing and life opportunities outcomes for the people of Luton."

Councillor Tom Shaw

Executive Member for Housing

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