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Luton Borough Council

Exercise made easy!


Active 10 - get more avtive in just ten minutes!

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Why not get more active by building just 10 minutes of brisk walking into your daily life? It can make a huge difference to your health:
  • it gets the heart pumping faster
  • it can make you feel better
  • you'll feel more energetic
  • your mood will improve
  • lower the risk of serious illnesses like heart disease and type 2 diabetes
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We have outdoor fitness stations and equipment all over Luton, that are free to use. Find your nearest below...

District parks

  • Wardown Park
  • Lewsey Park

Neighbourhood parks

  • The Mayne Space  (Hockwell Ring)
  • Brantwood Park
  • People’s Park – Bell’s Close

Open spaces

  • Addington Way
  • Cohens yard (Portland Road)

Basketball 3 on 3

  • Lewsey Green  - Regis Road
  • People’s Park – Bell’s Close
  • Brantwood Park

Plus a small basketball court at Manor Road Park.

Play areas

There are play areas for children and young people in most of our district and neighbourhood parks, allowing children to practice their balance and motor development skills.

Go4Less with Active Luton

Active Luton is Luton’s leading sport and leisure trust that strives continually to improve lives, whatever your age, ability, way of life or culture.
They develop and promote affordable, accessible and inclusive opportunities in Luton to:
  • play sport
  • join a gym or swimming pool
  • take part in fitness and physical activity
  • improve health and general wellbeing
Getting fit doesn’t need to burn a hole in your pocket. Active Luton’s Go4Less card gives you discounts on a range of activities at their centres.
If you receive benefits, further discounts will apply with a Go4Less card. You can attend the gym or go swimming for just £2 at off peak times.
Find out more about Go4Less
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