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Macmillan Luton cancer community connectors


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We welcome your ideas and invitations to attend your community events, have our say in shaping tomorrow’s cancer services for your community.

Working with you - to improve cancer services in Luton

By capturing your experience of Luton’s cancer services, this valuable information will be used to tailor cancer services to meet the needs of Luton’s diverse communities. What you have to say counts.

A better experience of cancer services for you, means more people using the services and better outcomes for our communities.

The Macmillan Luton Cancer Engagement Project (2022-2025)

This exciting collaborative project with Macmillan Cancer, Luton Council and key stakeholders identified a need for proactive, collaborative engagement to level the playing field when it comes to cancer care in Luton. The project seeks to identify the barriers to improved outcomes for those communities affected.

We are thrilled to work directly with the community to learn more about your experience of cancer services. By amplifying your voice, this research evidence will be used to inform and enhance patient services for Luton’s most affected communities.

What you have to say matter and can influence change.

What this means for you

This is an opportunity for you, as a Luton resident to:

  • have your voice heard and share your cancer-related experiences
  • to collaborate in shaping how cancer services will look for these communities going forward
  • to work with key stakeholders in Public health Macmillan Cancer, Luton Council, Bedfordshire Luton and Milton Keynes CCG, NHS England, Public Health England, East of England Cancer Alliance, Healthwatch, we are Macmillan Cancer Support

You could become a cancer champion support the project and cancer connectors in engaging with your community


Watch more videos on the Macmillan Cancer Support YouTube channel

Hear me events

The hear me event is an opportunity to learn more about cancer and how it particularly affects the Black African and Black Caribbean, Eastern European and South Asian communities.

The events will include speakers, activities; opportunities to network and share your experiences of cancer services in Luton. We want to learn more about what a good cancer service in Luton should look like.

Let us look through your eyes and understand your lived experience. Your experiences can shape cancer services for your community in Luton.

We will ensure that your cancer experience is captured in an environment where you feel supported and your confidentiality respected.

Would you like to bring a mini hear me event to your community gathering? Talk to us and let’s make it happen.
Email: [email protected]


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The research, or evidence gathering of lived experiences, is necessary for us public health to understand the current service user experience. We are trying to establish where the issues along the cancer pathway, i.e. what needs to be addressed, what is working well.

From prevention right through to diagnosis, treatment, and post-treatment. Raising cancer awareness will also progress alongside the research.

A listening event will provide the connectors with information, specific data that will be fed back to the project’s stakeholders, who will then be tasked with putting support and services in place to meet the community’s/residents/patients’ needs.

Information from these events will form a significant part of the project’s recommendations to the stakeholders and will include the requirement that a committed ‘here’s what we will do’ report be produced, that will be transparent and available to the residents, patients and communities, and to which the stakeholders will be accountable.

We know that for some there will be emotional and mental pain in sharing their cancer story. We have already identified the need for support networks in relation to the outcomes of the conversations/discussions with the connectors.

We are working in collaboration with partners who can provide support for health and wellbeing. These services are either Luton-based or in the BLMK, or East of England demographic.

Any data gathering will follow strict GDPR guidelines. Information gathered will only be used for the purpose of the project and will not be held any longer than is required.

The connectors will work in line with requirements of the Equality Act. Anonymity will be applied unless express permission is granted otherwise. i.e. should someone agree to share their lived-experience at an event.

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