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Local organisations providing support


Please note: these pages will be updated regularly. 
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Those needing support with food and in financial hardship

Organisation name: Salvation Army
Area of activity: Luton wide
Who can they help: open to all
What can they offer:
  • completing food assessments
  • for people to pick up food at Foodbank distributions
  • referring people to crises aid in self isolation
  • arranging for food delivery
  • debt advice service, open as usual, free confidential service for anyone in debt
  • pastoral care and guidance for all

Contact: for food assessments or support call 01582 450038, for debt advice call 01582 343699 or email [email protected]

Organisation name: Azalea
Area of activity: Luton wide
Who can they help: Disadvantaged children, homeless and lonely older people.   Women only can make contact.
What can they offer: offering a foodbank to anyone who is hungry or vulnerable. Offering food parcels containing but not limited to food, coffee, toiletries, cakes and frozen meals . Advocacy support to the homeless of Luton.
Contact: email [email protected] or call 01582 733200

All those who fall under the vulnerable category

Organisation name: Hockwell Ring Mosque
Area of activity: Luton wide
Who can they help: all
What can they offer: delivering groceries and medicine (no alcohol), payment will need to be made upon delivery, no fee for the service.
Contact: Muhit: 079 7333 7269 or Sarwar: 079 0323 6926
Organisation name: Hope Church
Area of activity: Luton wide
Who can they help: open to all
What can they offer: free hot meal for collection from Hope Church, 12 noon Monday and Wednesday and 10.30am Saturday. Limited food parcels will also be available.
Any conditions: collection only, please apply social distancing when attending.
Contact: please come along to Hope Church, Villa Road, Luton, LU2 7NT

Only operating in specific wards

Organisation name:  Arbour Close Residents Association
Area of activity: Support through social media – WhatsApp
Who can they help:  Local residents in the close.
What can they offer:  Local support to individuals
Any conditions: Local residents in the Close
Contact:  Helen Owen, 07903 349429
Organisation name: High Town street support
Area of activity: High Town only
Who can they help: elderly and those self-isolating who have no other support
What can they offer: shopping  and some other essential tasks may be possible
Any conditions: limited to High Town area, and those who do not have any other support available.
Contact: email: [email protected]
Organisation name: Marsh Farm Outreach
Area of activity: Marsh Farm area only
Who can they help: those self-isolating
What can they offer: essential tasks for those who are self-isolating.
Contact: visit the Marsh Farm Outreach Facebook page
Organisation name:  Olive Tree Church
Area of activity: Biscot ward
Who can they help: Blenheim Cres / Biscot Rd area but possible limited help elsewhere
What can they offer:  Phone calls and cards sent to housebound, regular email contact with everyone and help offered where needed with shopping / collecting prescriptions
Contact:  Helen Owen, 01582 592039
Organisation name: Ramridge Baptist Church
Area of activity:  Ramridge Estate
Who can they help:  Residents of Ramridge Estate only
What can they offer: Virtual services for all and essential help for vulnerable/self-isolating, welfare calls, collecting shopping, medication, small group mutual support contact through WhatsApp. Sunday morning virtual service and pastoral delivery of synopsis of service for those not on the internet.
Any conditions:  Limited resources for shopping and medication collection.
Contact: Dave Sunman, 01582 738064.

Organisation name: Sundon Park Baptist Church
Area of activity: Sundon Park area
Who can they help: Sundon park residents (where resources allow)
What can they offer: help with shopping, collecting prescriptions, help with transport.
Any conditions: limited to Sundon Park residents who have no other support.
Contact: email [email protected]

For the over 70s only

Organisation name: Age Concern Luton
Area of activity: Luton wide
Who can they help: older people (over 70), carers of older people and anyone returning home from hospital
What can they offer: emergency shopping and regular shopping support, medication collection, essential handymen repairs, regular wellbeing phone and video calls, food parcel deliveries, incontinence products and heater loans, general advice and information.
Contact: telephone: 01582 456812 or email: [email protected]

Parents and carers of disabled children and adults

Organisation name: Friends of Bright Eyes
Area of activity: Luton wide
Who can they help: support service for parents and carers for disabled children and adults
What can they offer: support vulnerable families with shopping assistance, telephone help and advice, benefits advice and advocacy.
Any conditions: parents and carers of disabled children and adults
Contact: Mohammed Yasir - 07871500706

For the homeless

Organisation name: NOAH
Area of activity: Luton wide
Who can they help: homeless
What can they offer: food services for homeless, accommodation and support.
Contact: 01582 728 416 




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