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Advice and guidance on a range of issues from workers rights, debt, benefits and more

Organisation name: Citizens Advice Bureau
Area of activity: Luton wide
Who can they help: all residents
What can they offer: advice on a range of issues, from workers rights to debt management
Any conditions: offices closed, online support only
Contact: visit the Citizens Advice website
Organisation name: Luton Irish Forum
Area of activity: Luton wide
Who can they help: open to all.
What can they offer: helpline available Monday to Friday between 9.30am and 3.30pm for information on welfare benefits and related housing and debt issues, community care, representation at appeals and medicals, Irish passport application assistance, information/signposting on returning to Ireland, social groups, digital skills training, online engagement, information on maintaining wellbeing and befriending.
C19 support providing telephone befriending and a limited shopping and delivery service.
Contact: 01582 720447 or email [email protected]
Organisation name: Salvation Army
Area of activity: Luton wide
Who can they help: open to all
What can they offer:
  • completing food assessments
  • for people to pick up food at Foodbank distributions
  • referring people to crises aid in self isolation
  • arranging for food delivery
  • debt advice service, open as usual, free confidential service for anyone in debt
  • pastoral care and guidance for all.

Contact: for food assessments or support call 01582 450038, for debt advice call 01582 343699 or email [email protected]

Organisation name: Diverse FM
Area of activity: Luton wide
Who can they help: open to all
What can they offer: information, advice, guidance and community support in general.
Contact: Ashuk Ahmed - call 01582 725500 or email: [email protected]

Refugee, asylum seeker or vulnerable migrant

Organisation name: British Red Cross
Area of activity: Luton wide
Who can they help: refugee, asylum seeker or vulnerable migrant in Hertfordshire or Bedfordshire
What can they offer: welfare calls, advice around asylum/immigration process and support, and referrals to other organisations in local area.
Contact: for non urgent, please email [email protected] For urgent query please call 07753853212
Organisation name: LINK LUTON
Area of activity: Luton wide
Who can they help: Romanians clients at the moment
What can they offer: food or housing and personal products delivery donated by others, buying tickets to Romania, resolving accommodation.
Contact: email: [email protected], call: 01582 240895, EU.RO Facebook page

Support for carers

Organisation name: Carers in Bedfordshire
Area of activity: Luton wide
Who can they help: carers of all ages including those who are assuming a caring role as a result of the COVID-19 virus
What can they offer: telephone support
Contact: Call 0300 111 1919 between 9.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday
Organisation name: Friends of Bright Eyes
Area of activity: Luton wide
Who can they help: support service for parents and carers for disabled children and adults
What can they offer: support vulnerable families with shopping assistance, telephone help and advice, benefits advice and advocacy.
Any conditions: parents and carers of disabled children and adults
Contact: Mohammed Yasir, 07871500706

Vulnerable women

Organisation Name:  Luton All Women’s Centre
Area of activity: All women
Who can they help:  We continue to support our clients and are open for phone and email contact to support any woman in Luton and the surrounding areas. Support offered relating to domestic abuse, poor mental health, the strains of self-isolating or any other issue.
What can they offer: Phone and email information and support. Started delivering our new domestic abuse programme called ‘Own My Life’ online via Zoom and currently have 3 groups running – 2 day time and 1 evening group
Contact: 01582 416783 or [email protected]
Organisation name: The Butterfly Project
Area of activity: Luton wide
Who can they help: vulnerable Women
What can they offer: welfare calls and text, online support groups.
Contact: email [email protected] or visit the The Butterfly Project Facebook page

Domestic abuse support

Organisation name: Various
Area of activity: Luton wide
Who can they help: Anyone who concerned about domestic abuse
What can they offer: If you or someone you know is at risk from domestic abuse, help and support is available.
Contact: See the domestic abuse resource page

Advice to families with children and young people

Organisation Name:  Diverse FM
Area of activity: Luton wide
Who can they help:  Families with children and young people
What can they offer: Home education and learning through on line/telephone/course work direct support and can also make community announcements
Contact: Ashuk Ahmed, call 01582 725500 or email: [email protected]
Organisation name: Luton Youth and Families Covid-19 Response Group
Area of activity: Luton wide
Who can they help: children, young people and their families
What can they offer: signposting to appropriate groups and organisation for support.
Any conditions: children, young people and their families only
Contact: We are Luton referral

Staying well

Organisation name:  Mind BLMK
Area of activity: Luton wide
Who can they help:  People seeking mental health support
What can they offer:  Support by phone and online, and offering community calls to anyone who would benefit from support
Contact: 07867398246
Organisation name:  GreenHouse Mentoring Project
Area of activity: Luton wide
Who can they help:  Service users only
What can they offer:  Telementoring service - via telephone or video conferencing
Any conditions: Service users
Contact: Ian Pirks, 01582 528213
Organisation name: Healthy Minds
Area of activity: Luton wide
Who can they help: everyone
What can they offer: online support to your mental wellbeing on a daily basis and interacting with individual through virtual media.
Contact: email [email protected]
Organisation name: NOAH Academy
Area of activity: Luton wide
Who can they help: everyone
What can they offer: online courses including staying well during, cooking on a budget and ESOL Online.
Face to face classes : Creative Confidence, Community Gardening, IT for Confidence, Digital Learning, ESOL in the Community, Luton Explorer ESOL and Sew Confident and ESOL.
Contact: 01234 581108 or Email [email protected]

Penrose clients only

Organisation name: Penrose Roots Community Based Recovery Services
Area of activity: Bedfordshire wide
Who can they help: Penrose clients only (anyone can refer)- vulnerable adults who need low level support, social interaction, confidence building and recreational activities
What can they offer: telephone support for existing service users book spaces at their community garden (Limited numbers)
Contact: email [email protected] - [email protected]

Action Force Community Group response:
Organisation name: Action Force Community Group
Area of activity: Luton wide including Dunstable and Leighton Buzzard 
Who can they help: residents who need food help and or are vulnerable
What can they offer:We offer:
  1. Emergency food parcels (dry food parcels)
  2. Subscription based regular food help from £3 per week (dry food parcels)
  3. Shopping to a list weekly or monthly
  4. Cooked packed meals (available to the elderly, infirm and very vulnerable including those with no access to cooking facilities)
  5. fruit and vegetables
  1. By phone: 07984134851
  2. online
    • Request Emergency parcel using access code LUTONHELP2020
    • subscribe to a weekly or monthly plan using code C4654397C3

Transport support for Sundon Park Residents

Organisation name: Sundon Park Baptist Church
Area of activity: Sundon Park area
Who can they help: Sundon park residents (where resources allow)
What can they offer: help with shopping, collecting prescriptions, help with transport.
Any conditions: limited to Sundon Park residents who have no other support.
Contact: email [email protected]

Gas and electric

If you have a prepay gas or electricity meter in your home and are unable to leave your home to make payment contact your provider who should be able to provide support in maintaining your supply. 
Contact numbers for providers:
  • British Gas 0333 202 9802
  • EDF 0333 200 5100
  • EON 0345 052 000
  • Npower 0800 073 3000
  • Scottish Power 0800 073 3000
  • SSE  0345 026 2658

How to stay safe when accepting help from others 

Please refer to GOV.UK guidance on staying at home.
If you are receiving voluntary help do not share financial details like credit/debit card numbers or personal information.
If someone you don’t know calls at your home, remember these guidelines:
  • always ask for ID
  • always ensure you are comfortable sharing details like your phone number or address
  • only provide information on a need to know basis and if you have seen ID
  • do not feel pressured into providing information

If you have doubts about those who are approaching you, and are concerned, it is advised that you don’t engage, and report serious suspicious behaviour to the police.

Remember that genuine volunteers have been instructed not to enter your home. 


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