This is our online campaign page providing useful advice and information for organisations and community groups to share with your customers, staff and on your own communication channels.
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Stay at home social media assets

Download a diverse range of Covid-19 related social media assets, sharing the 'stay at home'message. These represent different age groups, communities and ethnic groups.

Translated resources

Please share and distribute these posters in various languages within your organisations and the wider community. They can be used to display in community centres and shared via WhatsApp, social media, email or newsletters.
In addition to the translated versions, we also have some materials available in accessible resources such as audio, braille, British sign languages and large print versions. See accessible versions below.

Stay at home guidance for household with possible coronavirus

Click these links for:

Bedfordshire Police stay safe advice video in 12 languages


Translated posters

You can download coronavirus related posters in other languages below.

Accessible resources


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