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Luton Borough Council

Covid-19 cases, deaths and vaccination data for Luton

COVID-19 snapshot in Luton (population 213,528)

As of 18 May 2022 (data reported up to 15 May 2022)

Covid-19 snapshot 


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Since 1st April 2022 most people in England are no longer able to access free COVID 19 tests and local confirmed case numbers no longer provide a useful indicator of infections in the community. As a result we have moved away from reporting confirmed cases, instead presenting sub regional estimates of infection prevalence from the Office for National Statistics National Infection Survey, which remain valid, as the survey is based on a representative sample of households and is not affected by changes in community testing.

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  • Residents vaccinated with at least one dose (69.1% of 12+ population): 149,024
  • Residents vaccinated with second dose (63.4% of 12+ population): 136,795
  • Residents vaccinated with their booster or third dose (40.0% of 12+ population): 86,224
  • Residents vaccinated with first dose in the last 7 days (-43): 54 
  • Residents vaccinated with second dose in the last 7 days (-100): 164 
  • Residents vaccinated with booster or third dose in the last 7 days (-96): 165 
  • Total deaths registered involving COVID-19 since 1 January 2020: 746
  • Deaths registered involving COVID-19 (30 to 06 May): 0
  • Direction of travel (compared to previous 7 days): -5 

Please note: numbers in recent days may rise, reflecting diagnostic and reporting turnaround time. All detail within this report is the latest data available prior to publishing (18 May 2022).

Week-to-week comparisons are based on the data available at the time each snapshot was published.

The button link below will take you to the official daily case numbers for Luton since the beginning of March.

Please note all other data displayed on (deaths, hospital admissions and testing) is not Luton specific.

See Luton statistics on the UK Coronavirus Dashboard (GOV.UK).

Credits and data sources

Snapshot produced by:

  • Bedford Borough Council
  • Central Bedfordshire Council
  • Milton Keynes Council Public Health Evidence and Intelligence Team - J Philips
  • Supporting Bedfordshire Local Resilience Forum


Local credit:

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Luton Council
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