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Luton Borough Council

Luton outbreak control plan



Our local outbreak control plan details how we will work together to protect the health and wellbeing of Luton’s population by preventing and managing transmission and outbreaks of COVID-19.

Watch a video from Deputy Director of Public Health, Lucy Hubber about how the council manages local outbreaks

Watch the video below or click here​ if it is not playing on your device.

Our approac​h to controlling local outbreaks of COVID-19 in Luton

We are continuously monitoring data on testing indicating the addresses of those with positive COVID-19 tests who live in Luton. When there are more cases in one area, this may indicate that transmission of the virus is happening within households and communities in those streets, so it’s important we let people in that area know so they take the appropriate action.

When we find a higher number of cases in a particular area of the town we will deliver a letter to households in that area to encourage people to get tested.

Households that receive a letter do not need to follow any different rules to the rest of Luton, but are strongly encouraged to follow local and national guidance carefully.

The more residents who get tested, the more likely we are to find additional cases. This is important because some people will have few or no symptoms and may not realise they have COVID-19, but can still pass it on to vulnerable relatives or friends.

People who test positive must follow government advice and self-isolate and stay at home for ten days.

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