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Luton Borough Council

Information for visitors to the town centre


Non-essential shops are permitted to open and we’ve been working our partners and supporting local businesses to put appropriate measures in place to minimise the risk to people’s health.

You'll notice a number of changes now in place to ensure the town is as safe as it can be for everyone visiting and working there.

We urge you to follow the rules and to remain cautious when out and about and, most importantly, that if you have any Covid-19 symptoms, however mild, you need to stay at home.

  • Welcome stations are located in four key areas of the town including Manchester Street, Bute Street and Chapel Street with details of changes you can expect to see in the town. These information boards will also signpost to a website with up-to-date information on which shops are open and a digital map helping you plan your route through the town centre.
  • Floor graphics and signage are in place to remind people to follow social distancing rules and to advise shoppers where to queue outside individual shops, and where the entry points are to the Mall.
  • There is a ‘traffic light system’ in place at the The Mall Luton to control access and ensure that the Mall does not become overcrowded.
  • George Street has signage in place with pedestrians directed up one side and back down the other.
  • Some street furniture has been removed including the pagodas to allow free movement however there is still plenty of seating available for visitors.
  • Marshalls are on hand in the town to help manage any queues and encourage social distancing.
  • There is regular, enhanced cleaning of touch points such as railings as well as hand sanitising stations at 4 sites in the town as well as in The Mall.
  • So pedestrians can move safely there will be closures to vehicles at certain points on Wellington Street, Chapel Street, George Street, and Upper George Street. This will mean a temporary relocation of the Wellington Street taxi rank to Upper George Street.
  • Car parking charges have been reinstated in council owned car parks and at the Mall to help support the reopening of the town, by encouraging a turnover in availability of parking places.
  • People are being encouraged to cycle or walk into the town centre, wherever possible which will not only help reduce any traffic but will also be good for the environment. Please see this digital map of the town centre for more information.
  • If you use public transport please remember that face coverings are now mandatory.

Some of the measures may need to be adapted and we'll keep you up-to-date through the websites and on social media.

A digital map of the town centre has been created with information on:

  • new road layouts
  • cycle routes and bike stands
  • pedestrian only areas
  • transport hubs
  • welcome points

Visit the Lisit the LutonBID website for more information on which shops are open.

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