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Covid-19 community champions


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Help #ProtectLuton – become a Covid-19 community champion

“Luton’s volunteers and community groups have been exceptional throughout the coronavirus crisis in supporting each other and helping people in need.

So many countless acts of love, care and kindness are what makes us all so proud to live and work in this wonderful town.

To build on this we are looking for Covid-19 community champions from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures, faiths, ages and interests to reflect the diversity of Luton, who can help pass on important public health messages and keep people safe from this deadly disease.”

Councillor Khtija Malik

Councillor Khtija Malik      

We need people from all walks of life to take on the important role of community champions and help us get out key public health messages in order to help protect our communities from Covid-19.

You don’t need any special skills, just a willingness to get involved. You may help run a small sports club, social group, or just have a wide circle of friends on social media. Communicating vital health messages and reaching everyone in the town is key to ensuring we all adopt the measures designed to keep us safe and stop the spread of the disease.

We will provide tools and resources including important updates, key messages, social media posts, video scripts, poster templates, and infographics for the champions to share through their own networks.

You will play a strategic role in protecting your family and friends by ensuring they get the right information, combating some of the myths around Covid-19 and providing feedback and advice on useful ways you have been able to help others.

We know not everyone picks up news and updates from the council’s main channels or the media, and many aren’t on social media. By having a network of hundreds of local champions with their own networks and channels, and the freedom to adapt the messaging to suit different audiences, we know we can reach more people. Having bilingual champions will also be a huge bonus.


Sign up to be a Covid-19 community champion

What will I get from the council?

Once you are signed up as a champion you will get:

  • regular updates from the council on the latest situation with coronavirus in Luton
  • key messages and updates that need to be communicated through Luton’s communities
  • FAQs to help with myth-busting about Covid 19
  • Suggested templates, video scripts, photo suggestions, social media post and other tools to assist with the dissemination of key messages
  • frequent zoom calls where all champions can share ideas and provide feedback from the community to the council to help us improve our communication and messaging
  • a single point of contact to discuss ideas, offer suggestions and ask questions

When did the programme launch?

The Covid-19 Community Champions programme was launched in September 2020, with Champion numbers increasing on a regular basis.

We are asking people to sign up on the link above.

Can I make suggestions?

We want this programme to be community-led. There is a group WhatsApp that is very interactive and a dedicated email address [email protected] where Champions are encouraged to make suggestions.

What can I do?

On a regular basis please check the council's latest Covid-19 guidance. We would like all Champions to share through their own networks via email, social media, whatsapp, word of mouth and any other means.

It is really important we all start ‘normalising’ things such as:

  • getting tested for coronavirus
  • social distancing – keeping a 2 metre distance from any from outside your household
  • wearing face coverings in enclosed spaces
  • socialising with friends via zoom and other virtual platforms

So please also send us photos and videos of you doing these things and post them on your own social media platforms using the hashtags #ProtectLuton, #ProtectYourFamily 


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