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Luton Borough Council

COVID-19 Vaccine Community Fund


What is it?

The Covid-19 Vaccine Community Fund (CVCF) is for community-led projects that can support the work of the council and its partners to improve the take up of COVID-19 vaccinations. It's particularly targeted at the following groups, where current levels of vaccination are lower:

  • young people aged 12 to 24 years old
  • people in the following ethnic groups:
    • South Asian (particularly the Pakistani population)
    • Black African
    • Black Caribbean
    • Eastern European (white other)
    • Gypsy and Roma

Want more information?

Please find five reasons to still get the vaccine in different languages below.

Contact the programme team by email: [email protected].

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Due to our procurement procedures, any expenditure has to be carefully managed. If you're successful in the funding process, we won't be able to simply write you a cheque for the total amount of your funding. What we will be able to do is refund your organisation for your expenditure in two separate payments

Half of your money will be forwarded to you as soon as possible after the decision day at which you have been successful. There are three steps to receive the funding.

Step 1

Send an invoice from your organisation. Name your invoice ‘Invoice 1’. The invoice must be made out to: COVID-19 Vaccine Community Fund

Please email your invoice to the Programme team [email protected].

The invoice must detail exactly what this first payment is for. The items on the invoice must match part of what you originally asked for on your application form.

Attach any relevant paperwork with the invoice. As you won’t have actually spent any money at this point, we know that you won’t be able to attach copies of receipts or company invoices.

However, if you have copies of quotes or confirmation emails for example, that can be used to ‘back up’ your payment request, please attach them to your invoice.

Make sure that you include:

  • your project name
  • reference number
  • company number if you have one
  • VAT number if you are registered

Step 2

Once you've spent the first half of the funding awarded and have official receipts or copies of invoices to prove that the money was spent as expected, please scan or photograph these and email them to the Programme team [email protected].

These will need to be accompanied by invoice number 2 for the second half of the money. Again you will need to:

  • make the invoice (number 2) out to Luton Borough Council, as above
  • where possible, attach copies of any quotes
  • name your invoice ‘Invoice 2’
  • be aware that the Programme team will not be able to send you the second half of the funding if:
    • they feel that the money spent on the first half was not in line with what was agreed
    • there is not sufficient official/acceptable evidence of the spending (for example, receipts are not clear, invoices are not relevant)
  • make sure that you include the following on all paperwork:
    • your project name
    • reference number
    • your company number if you have one
    • VAT number if you are registered

Step 3

Once the entire second half of your funding has been spent, we'll need copies of the official receipts/invoices as evidence of the spending.  Again, please send them to the Programme team along with your reference number.

  1. No orders can be directly placed by Luton Borough Council (LBC) for the items that are needed. LBC can only pay the group or an ‘umbrella’ organisation if this has been agreed by the Programme team. For example, a group may be part of a church but have their own identity. LBC could pay the church, which could in turn pay the group.
  2. If you need to adjust your figures as an item is more or less expensive than expected, or you need to make very slight amendments to the proportions of the original costing detailed on your application form, prior agreement is needed from the Programme team.
  3. If the Programme team feels that the funding is not being properly administered in line with the arrangements detailed here, they can at any time withdraw the offer of the funding.
    If an organisation has already received a proportion or all of the funding at this stage, every effort will be made with LBC’s legal team to recoup the money and the community group or business concerned will be unable to apply for future funding through LBC.
  4. Please be aware that LBC regularly shares information with partner agencies where there have been financial difficulties.

If you have any questions or queries regarding payments or finances, please contact the Programme team: [email protected].

Monitoring and evaluating your project

We'll need your help to keep us up to date with how your project is going. If it involves a programme of activities, we’ll need to see a copy of this.

If there are events that are part of the funding, it would be great if you could take photographs and invite your ward councillors, and maybe a representative from the programme team to attend.

You'll need to provide one brief update report mid-way through the project. You'll also be required to provide a final evaluation of your spending and the benefits of the project.

Forms will be on the website and can also be sent to you electronically. We'll only accept these formats. When you're requested to complete one, please do so within the given timescale, as your information is needed to keep the public and local councillors up to date with developments.

We'll need to see evidence of what you've been providing. If your project involves holding sessions, events or workshops, please keep registers, as this all counts as evidence for your final evaluation.

If you have concerns about data protection in this respect, you can block out house/phone numbers. If you're unsure of what information you need to collect, please ask the Programme team before you start the sessions and refer to the guidance.

It's a great idea to take photos of your sessions/progress to date, as a picture speaks a thousand words. Again, this all counts as evidence. It's extremely important that you have a signed consent form if you are taking photos/films of individuals.

If photos include young people under the age of 18 years, you must get consent from the relevant parent/guardian or person legally responsible. Consent forms must be kept as proof of consent.

The final evaluation, final statement of expenditure and all outstanding receipts/invoices will be required at the conclusion of the project. This will be used to sign off the project. All spending must be complete by 29 July 2022.

If you have any questions or queries regarding monitoring or evaluating your project/s, your first point of call will be the Programme team: [email protected]

Bangladesh Youth League

The Safe Lives project will recruit and train 10 peer-motivators who have already received the vaccine and are passionate about vaccination.

These mentors will be deployed to champion the issue and disseminate vaccine information. They will also create a short video involving other young people that will be shared through via social media.

Additionally, the Bangladesh Youth League will organise three community vaccination days during the Easter Holiday, May Half-term holiday and a one week summer holiday event in 2022.

Bury Park Jame Masjid

The Enlightenment project will invite the Luton vaccinations team to come and meet /access the local community in the mosque especially during Friday prayers and during bespoke events including during the month of Ramadan when thousands of local hard-to-reach community come to the mosque.

Citizens Advice Luton

The CAL Community Vaccine project will advertise the vaccination scheme across the Citizens Advice social media platforms and additionally encourage clients dropping into the service to take up the offer.

They are able to talk to clients who may struggle with English by using access to Language Line and have a portable voice translator to establish the best language to communicate with clients thus breaking down barriers to advice.

Diverse FM

The Covid-19 Vaccinations Awareness programme will produce several short awareness-raising videos, including in Bengali and Urdu language, and with input from various professionals, including key community leaders, which will be showed on a large mobile LED screen on top of a van in various parts of Luton.

It will also be shared via targeted social media and through other platforms. Diverse FM will also produce several audio adverts, including in different community languages, that will be broadcast on Diverse 102.8FM, online and on mobile.

There will be a specially broadcast discussion-based programmes with input from expert guests from the medical profession and young people in the studio to share as well.

Don 1 Media

The COVID -19 Infomercial and Youth forum is divided into two.

The first half of the project is to create an infomercial in which faith leaders deliver a message direct to communities on the importance of having the vaccine without delay.

The second project is to provide a safe forum which will be filmed and aired, with children and young adults under 30 discussing their hesitancy with trained professionals to answer their questions.

Both projects will then be packaged and aired on Tropical FM TV and shared via social media.

Hertfordshire Community Trust

The Health Check project will address the struggles that people face to obtain an appointment with a GP therefore it will offer accessible health checks including blood pressure checks to encourage better health among the population.

This is an ideal opportunity for health discussions to link-in with the multitude of benefits of the Covid vaccines. Experience has taught that positive direct community engagement leads to a more successful uptake of Covid vaccinations.

The Youth Project workshops will enable youths to have 1:1 conversations with health care professionals that they would not be able to access. This will allow for myth busting opportunities and ensure positive, informative and factual engagement about Covid vaccines.

There will also be a gaming bus which will give relief to stress associated with post procedural vaccination anxieties. This facility will likewise attract the hard-to-reach unvaccinated population as well as provide a positive experience of overall vaccinations and NHS relations.

A gaming app and/or Tik Tok videos will advertise and promote the vaccine, targeting more than just the local community.

Inspire FM

The Inspire Eid and Big Iftar projects will use the Inspire radio station and its online platforms, as well as the two Inspire Eid events taking place at Lewsey Park to increase and renew confidence in the community about vaccines.

Due to the pandemic, Luton’s Big Iftar has not taken place for two years but this project will re-introduce it to St. George’s Square in previous years this event catered for over 1500 people and will again. Marketing for the events will ensure the positive message of 'Get Your Vaccine Now', becomes a community slogan.

Luton Irish Forum

The Traveller Take-Up project aims to influence Travellers to take up the Covid-19 vaccine through:

  • Face to face encouragement at Irish passport application appointments at LIF
  • Face to face encouragement at a weekly Women’s Drop for Irish Travellers LIF
  • Outreach to local unauthorised encampments
  • Outreach to Stopsley Traveller site and HMP Bedford
  • Direct messaging of Traveller clients
  • Word of mouth via community leaders
  • Face to face encouragement at a catholic service on Saturday evening
  • Online engagement via Traveller social groups

Luton Roma Trust

The Roma’s Equitable Access to Covid-19 Vaccine project will organise a focus group in the Luton Roma Trust office with members of the community where they will have the opportunity to express their concerns over the vaccine. Their views will then be compiled and will serve as the basis of the project.

It will also organise two workshops in the office where local GPs/doctors/medical staff from Luton & Dunstable Hospital will come and talk about the efficacy of the vaccine. Additionally, this project will create a space in Luton Roma Trust’s office where Roma beneficiaries could have the vaccine.

This project will furthermore produce a number of leaflets with information about the opportunity of getting their vaccine as well as translate already existing vaccine NHS leaflets available into Romanian/Romani and distribute them within the community.

National Care Trust

The Protecting the Elderly against COVID-19 project will provide a fact sheet that will equip older persons with the knowledge they need to debunk vaccine myths.

The fact sheet will answer FAQs about vaccine in 3 to 4 most common South Asian languages. This project will additionally create a short documentary in their native language for their better understanding, which will emphasize the necessity of vaccinating elderly people with the help of medical facts.

Quba Trust

The Quba Trust will partner with 5 big mosques in the UK for their Increasing Vaccine Uptake in the British Muslim Community programme and invite medical experts from British Islamic Medical Association and The Mosque and Imams Advisory Board.

These experts will address and debunk the myths surrounding the vaccine with the help of medical facts through the Islamic perspective on the use of vaccines and guide people about the vaccine’s medical side effects to inform them sincerely.

There will also be a separate workshop for women in the sixth week where a BIMA and an NHS medical expert will address their concerns.

At end of each session, they will collect their emails to send a complete guide containing important information regarding vaccination.

St Saviours Church and St Mary's Church

The St Saviour’s Church Luton and St Mary’s Church Sundon programme will take advantage of the fact that their local communities (two churches and schools) are about to experience their first Easter Ceremonies in 2 years.

The project will spread the word via flyers/posters/newsletters etc. at these events that are sure to have high turnout rate.

Additionally, the programme will take advantage of the new community venture at St Saviour’s where participants aged (6 to 80) will meet and play table tennis together. It will ensure that all participants learn about the vaccine and the benefits taking in it up, linking it to health and wellbeing.

St Vincent and Grenadines Association

The Health and Wellbeing project will address the difficulties that older people face in getting to vaccine centres because they are unlikely to have transport, have medical issues or are unable to pay for public transport.

To address this, it will be using the church minibus to provide a pickup and drop off service to and from the vaccine centres as well as signposting the free vaxi-cab offer in place.

The project also has the intention is to change the mind-set of those the association regularly works with, so that they take up the vaccine, then be advocates for their friend and families, the people they spend time within the community, especially church and social events.

The Disability Resource Centre

As a charity with lived experience, the Disability Resource centre will provide a trusted resource to increase vaccination uptake, addressing concerns of efficacy and vaccine side effects, complacency in the population, practicality of receiving the jab, and to calculate risks.

The Vaccine Aware campaign will provide information on practical considerations such as localised access to vaccinations and vaxi-taxis thus improving access and addressing the problems with accessibility for the disabled community.

This campaign will work holistically to dispense validated information on the impact of Covid-19 and vaccine to allow residents and clients to consider risks, benefits and collective responsibility.

The Safer Luton Partnership

The Youth Mentoring scheme will use already trained and existing youth mentors but will also aim to train additional mentors to deliver workshops on Covid-19 safety and vaccinations.

Mentorship remit includes Luton Sixth Form, Barnfield College and Bedfordshire University as well as local affiliated schools and their youth and community groups.

These mentorship sessions will run as drop-in sessions before school, during lunch time and at the end of the school day.

What can a CVCF grant fund be used for?

The funding can be used for any activity that will help to improve vaccine take-up across Luton. A few examples have been given below, but these are only to give you a start in your thinking and it is the views and ideas from you that are needed.

  • Improving the information available to enable people to weigh up the risks and benefits
  • Providing advice to people in a wider variety of languages and formats
  • Increasing collective responsibility in the community and the willingness to protect others from infection
  • Using digital, leaflets and face to face channels to share information more widely
  • Hosting local wellbeing events at which COVID-19 vaccine advice and the vaccines themselves could be available
  • Making vaccinations available at community events
  • Getting more people registered with a GP, improving their overall access to medical advice and support as part of considering vaccination

  • 28 February 2022: Application widow opens
  • 21 March 2022 (11.59pm): Application window closes
  • 25 March 2022: Decision Day 
  • 4 April 2022: Projects commence
  • 29 July 2022: Projects completed

We'd prefer if you could contact us by email in the first instance:

[email protected]

Programme team

  • David Edwards, Programme Manager 
  • Donna Kean, Programme Support Officer (Covid-19 Vaccine Champions)
  • Sandra Hayes, Service Manager - Strategic Community Services (SCS)
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