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Parenting support and courses in Luton

Being a parent is one of the most important, special and rewarding roles anyone can have. But there is no doubt that it is also one of the toughest.

All families at different times need some extra support, for many reasons. This support is often found in family, friends or neighbours, but there are many other ways in Luton that mothers, fathers and carers can get support.

What is parenting support?

'Parenting support' describes any activity or service that provides information, advice or support to parents and carers. This can include group support, for example parenting courses, or one to one support for specific difficulties, or even coffee mornings and stay-and-play groups, where parents get advice or information from each other.

Where is support available?

A range of support is available for parents through the following services: primary schools, health visitors, school nurses, local faith groups and places of worship, and various community and voluntary organisations.

The Family Information Service in Luton has the aim that all mothers, fathers and carers across Luton should receive the support they need to help them keep their children safe, healthy and happy. We have information on a lot of different support groups and services in Luton. Details are available through the Luton Directory or by contacting the Family Information Service.

Parenting courses

Parenting courses for expectant parents, and those with children aged between 0-5 years are now organised by Flying Start.  Visit their website for full details.

For families with children over five years please approach the family worker at your children's school.  They should be able to help you find a course or can refer you to services who can assist.

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