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Luton Borough Council

Sufficiency strategy - Children in care 2021-2024


The Sufficiency Strategy 2021 - 2024 sets out the strategic aims and objectives,  defines our vision, priorities and work streams to support children and young people in care and those on the edge of care to ensure our children and young people:

  • have the best possible chances in life
  • experience safe, positive parenting
  • are given every opportunity to achieve their potential

The strategy sets out how we will meet the sufficiency duty as described in Section 22G of Children Act 1989 to ensure that we as a local authority and corporate parent:

  • have sufficient, appropriate and suitable accommodation to meet the diverse needs of children and young people in Luton
  • have a sufficient and diverse range of service providers within the local area able to meet the varying needs of children and young people
  • support and maintain a range of services that meet the needs of children in care including those on the edge of care who, without support, might be accommodated
  • supports the market to deliver appropriate placements within the local authority area
  • has the appropriate mechanisms in place for the commissioning of appropriate placements and additional support outside of the local area, where the child’s needs requires this

Our strategy also describes how Luton proposes to build on its existing provision so that children and young people who are accommodated or on the edge of care, are assured services are available when they need them.  It also ensures those services are:

  • of the highest quality
  • child and family centred
  • personalised
  • responsive


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