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Family drug and alcohol court (FDAC)

​The FDAC is an alternative, and more successful according to research, form of care proceedings. It tackles parent substance misuse where it's a concern for children’s wellbeing. It's a bespoke, problem-solving approach to target individual families’ com

Research shows that more parents achieve and sustain abstinence within FDAC and more children are able to return to or remain in their parents’ care, than within standard care proceedings.
Pan Bedfordshire FDAC is a partnership between:
  • Luton Council
  • Central Bedfordshire
  • Bedford Children’s Services (launched in October 2019)
It's the result of two years of partnership planning to provide the same FDAC provision across Bedfordshire. It's also a collaborative partnership with:
  • Office of Police and Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire
  • public health services
  • Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group
  • The Marks Trust
The Office of Police and Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire and public health services have provided grant funding.
Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group are providing professional support.
The Marks Trust is supporting FDAC with access to office space.
Pan Beds FDAC is an exciting pilot that holds a lot of potential for positive outcomes for Bedfordshire children and their families.

More information about FDAC for families

More information about FDAC for professionals

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