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What our foster carers are saying


The need for foster carers remains current and has not gone away. More foster carers are needed within the Luton area to ensure children and young people get the care they need with families in their local communities.

Foster for Luton

Quotes from foster carers

Clive and Caroline

Our young person is not 'ours' but she is with us long term and there is no reason she shouldn't be offered the same life chances as our own children.

Debra and Sean

Proud moments of seeing sad faces turn into big cheeky smiles, especially after learning to ride a bike, swim a width of a swimming pool or receiving an award at school.

Warren, Stuart and family

Our own children enjoy supporting the children placed with us, helping them to settle and to become a happy, central member of our family. It is deeply rewarding to see the difference we can make to a young child or baby's life.



We're asking you to think carefully about whether you could offer a safe, nurturing place in your home to a care experienced child or young person.

As your local authority, we're best placed to support local children and young people from the local community. The resources that support you are based locally and we're established and regulated.

We're here to serve in the best interest of our local community.

Our children and young people are at the centre of what we do. We work creatively, respectfully and with kindness to meet individual needs.

Contact us

If you have a query about fostering and would like to learn more, please contact us between:

  • 9am and 5.30pm, Monday to Thursday
  • 9am to 4.30pm Friday

Fostering team
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T: 01582 547633

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