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Luton Borough Council

What our adopters are saying


Jo and Lawrence

Dad, mum and son playing 

"Our journey on the adoption process started initially with an information event at the Rufus Centre in Flitwick. It was after having attending this event, which had been hosted by the Luton adoption team, that we decided adoption was something that as a couple we were really interested in so we registered our interest on the day.

"It was here that we first met Popi, who later went on to become our social worker. We couldn’t have asked for a better person to help us through the process. She was extremely helpful, thoughtful and knowledgeable, at every stage of the process.

"During the home visits, she made even difficult conversations seem bearable. She prepared us really well for panel and, although we were really nervous, managed to answer all the questions that they had for us fully and confidently.

Once we'd been approved, finding our forever family took time. We knew that we wanted a sibling group (two children) under the age of five but apart from that we didn't have many other criteria.

"We were finally matched with two girls, aged 3 and 4. During the matching panel and transition, Popi was always on hand to prepare us, answer our questions and offer advice. The whole process was made more challenging because we were in the middle of the Covid pandemic. However, it was definitely worth it and we now have the forever family that we wanted.

"Thank you for all your help and support Popi, we really appreciate it."

Gwen and Mike

Collingtree Road baby shoot 

"The opportunity to afford a child stability and security that they may not otherwise have had, and to potentially change the course of her future for good, definitely makes it all worth it."

Tanya and Mark

Muslim mum child playing cards 

"We're local residents to the area so, although we couldn’t adopt from Luton, they supported us brilliantly through our journey. They have access to children under the ‘Adopt East’ umbrella which is a group of other local authorities with children needing to find their forever homes.

"Our Luton based social worker was very hands on, always at the end of the phone making the whole process seamless. I would definitely recommend Luton if you were thinking of adopting."

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