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Missing children

In all missing persons cases you should first contact the police, listen to the advice they give you and act accordingly.

Children who go missing invariably place themselves, and often others, at risk. The reasons for their absences are varied and complex and cannot be viewed in isolation from their home circumstances.

Every missing episode should therefore attract attention from all professionals involved with the children, and those professionals must collaborate to ensure a consistent and coherent response is given to the child on his/her return.

The police frequently work with social workers from the Children and Learning department in managing missing episodes and it is therefore important that both agencies work together. 


For these purposes, a child (ie a young person under the age of 18 years) is to be considered 'missing' if he/she is absent from their place of residence without authority or in circumstances where the absence causes concern for safety of the child or there is potential danger to the public.

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